It Has Begun

7:45A Thornville, Ohio, I say goodbye to Abby, Tony, and Joey.

10:00A Camping World in Green, Ohio. Henrietta is ready to roll. Her toilet is fixed, she has a new 10" foam mattress, a new roof and side damage is fixed. It has been a long separation, but a joyful reunion. My friend Kari surprised me by appearing at the trailer door while I was looking around. She was a big help and it was nice to chat while waiting for the final go-ahead to take Henrietta. Henrietta has her new smell back after being closed up for awhile.

11:00A I arrive at Barb and Tom's to pick up my generators, they have yet to be named. Any good "H" name suggestions? Heather was there to say adios amiga as well. Got all loaded and chatted for a few minutes, but I was very antsy to get the expedition on the road.

I thought this gig would begin on June 8th, but alas God had other plans. I have seen him working in my life in many ways during this time.

  • I have learned: 
  • *"take a breath" before putting Hank  in drive                                                       
  • check to make sure  Henrietta is willingly following Hank  
  • enjoy each the moment for all it is worth                                                                
  • that people have at least one more surprise in them to share with you            
  • that I am "cherished" by God and more people that I ever imagined
  • let people help you, it isn't a sign of weakness
  • probably a lot more that I won't realize until later

I spent two months hearing awesomely convicting sermons at VGF on Rt 13 in Heath/Newark, Ohio. Pastor John sure gave me a kick in the pants and lots to think about.

12P Believe it or not the time has come. I was feeling such mixed emotions.

2P My first time at a gas pump with Henrietta in tow. I like 1st time experiences.

5:30P We arrive at General Butler State Park in Carrollton, Kentucky. Beautiful park. It was packed. I am glad I made a reservation. October is a big camping time here. Jack, a kind camper, gave assistance in backing in to the spot. It is a great spot in a cul-de-sac, so, lots of room to maneuver. My first time backing in at a camp ground.

The evening was spent unpacking and trying to rearrange a bit. Eddie was delighted to be out of the truck after 8 hours and headed right for his safe spot behind the futon type couch. BB spent lots of time checking out the view from all of the windows and door.

Saturday I shopped to get staples and frig foods, I put up my hammock and kept pinching myself that I was really doing this!!! It was 83 degrees. October weather??

It is Sunday morning as I write this and I am having coffee, I ate all of Barb's delicious cookies for breakfast yesterday, and getting ready to go to the church service at the campgrounds. It won't be Pastor John, but I sure do have a lot to praise God for and about besides His love and sacrifice for me, well sacrifice for everyone. I hope they sing.

I am trying to get the hang of Word Press, so excuse any wild formatting. If you have any tips, let me know.