About Me

Hi, that’s me in the center, Marti Deane Edgerly, of my beautiful children and the ones they love. Becky & Mike are on the left and Rachel & Nate are on the right. I am a retiring from teaching third grade at O. H. Somers Elementary School in Mogadore, Ohio on May 31st. Last September I bought a beautiful f150 from Eben and Don at Klaben Ford in Kent, Ohio. In December I bought a Jayco Jayflight 24rbs travel trailer from Martha at RCD Sales in Pataskla, Ohio. In March I sold my brick and mortar home. Hank the Hunk (the truck), Henrietta the Hauler (the trailer), BB (the very talkative female cat), Eddie (the very shy make cat), and I packed up and moved to Friendship Acres on State Route 44 in Atwater, Ohio at the end of March to begin our life as full timer rv adventurers. On June 1st the retirement adventure begins. Soon after we will hit the highway.  The expedition’s goal is to see as much of the continental United States as possible, meet some absolutely fabulous people and enjoy the simplicity of life unfettered by a job and lots of possessions.