North Carolina to Alabama

I was so bored driving with no one to talk to!

I love Walmart! I loving shopping there and have for a long time. I also now get my monthly prescriptions filled at Walmarts. I also now sleep in their parking lots. Maybe I need to start a Walmart page and list every one where I sleep or medicate myself!

This store is on the east side of Augusta, Georgia. There were no other overnighters.

Here I am tucked in between the big boy trucks at the Alabama Visitor Center and rest area. The VC had lots of information. I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed the sunshine.

This is the Selma Walmart. The store is to the left. This truck was the only other overnight vehicle when I went to bed. When I woke up there were at least 20 more trucks in the parking lot. I have seen a lot of trucks a number of evenings when I am in Selma.

The funny part. I thought I was on the east side of Selma and that Selma was a bis town. Not like Montgomery, but big.

The joke was on me. Selma is small and I was about 30 minutes east of Spencer Farm.

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