North Carolina

We left College Park at 5A in the hopes of missing some of the DC traffic. It was an uneventful drive to Hampstead, NC. I stopped there to drop off Sharon and then I headed to Jacksonville, NC to Cabin Creek Campground. They had sustained minimal damaged from Florence. There were numerous hurricane refugees, insurance adjusters and workers at the campground. LOTS of Texas license plates.

The campground had pull through sites!!! It was very clean and quiet.

I am not sure what all we did, but the time flew by. I did go with Sharon and Mark to trivia night. Nancy and Pete made up the rest of the team. In my honor our team name was “Trailer Trash.” We came in third place. There are always three categories and that night they were: movie sequels, music and television shows. I did know one answer!!!

Because of Florence all of the beaches were closed. That was a bummer.

The second or third day there the remnants of Michael came through. It was windy and rainy. The trailer shook more than I would have liked. I did pull in the awning. Bear was pretty antsy. In hindsight I should have lifted the 4 stabilizer jacks to prevent bending, but all was well.

Mark and Sharon helped design and build shelves for my pantry and linen closet. I am very grateful for all of their hard work and trips back and forth to get everything in place.

Bear is exploring the empty pantry.

Mark gave the shelving lots of thought. He came up with the wire shelving because of its light weight and the ability to use them upside down. The lip helps keep things from sliding off. The shelves work perfectly and I had no incidents opening the closet after traveling to Alabama.

I am not sure what it is called, but the shelves are made of a long piece of white fiberboard or something like that. They are very lightweight and double the shelving area. The shelves are rhombus shaped with lots of corner closet supports to cut around.

Mark and Sharon are creative and handy around electric tools. Here they are relaxing in the recliners after admiring their work.

There is a little rack between the recliners serving as a table. Sharon found those at Lowe’s and we put one at the end of the kitchen counter as well. This one Mark cut down so it would be a comfortable height between the chairs.

Through the door and window you can see the car and trailer in the next spot. The sites were very close with no picnic table or fire ring. Our section of the campground was considered short term.

Sharon and I found this set at a flea market just down the street from the campground. The trailer on the left is a cup and 1/2 cup measuring cup and the one on the right is a 1/3 and 1/4 measuring cup. I think it was $3.00 for the set.

The day before I left Sharon and I went to Autumn on Topsail. It was cold and VERY windy. There were not as many vendors as we had hoped, but I bought two small air plants and put one in each of the measuring trailers.

We did have a fabulous lunch at a neat place on the beach, Beach Shop & Grill.

This is my crab cake, bacon and fried green tomato sandwich. The skinny fries have a cute name that I can’t remember. The crab cake was really crab, not a lot of bread crumbs with a smidge of crab meat.
This is Sharon’s fish and chips with coleslaw.
This cute Christmas travel trailer cookie jar was in a beach shop. So many travel trailer products are popping up everywhere.

One day Sharon and I drove down to Myrtle Beach to visit Robin and Mike. While there we went to a great restaurant and in the same shopping area was a shop called Purplologist. EVERTHING in the store was purple. They had so many products! This picture is for Barb and Sharon. I must say that I quickly went in to purple overload in the store.

I had a wonderful time in NC and it was hard to leave. I really missed Sharon’s conversation while driving to Alabama.

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