I thought I would be able to keep all the events of the week fresh in my mind BUT …

So, bits and pieces.

The Bible Museum was $22.00 suggested admission and I was not willing to pay that amount when there are so many fabulous museums and places to see for free.

At the campground was a stop on the Metro bus line and that is how we got to the Metro rail system.

This is a pic from their website.

We spent part of two days at the Air and Space Museum, a 5 hour night bus tour of the city, two days at the American History Museum, time at Arlington Cemetery, and a day at Ikea (we were resting up).

We played miniature golf at the campground.

Doesn’t it look the elephant patting Sharon on the head????? I didn’t even notice when I snapped this picture.

I monkey around a lot when I play miniature golf, but not this time. I actually won.

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