Adventure at Lowe’s

I drove a little over 7 hours on Tuesday, September 4th, on my way to Abby’s house in Thornville, Ohio. I had intended to stop in Bloomington, Illinois at a Walmart for the night. I drove right past Bloomington. I was feeling good and the driving was going well. Then I was all of a sudden  pooped and needed to potty. No Walmart in site for miles. Google Map kept wanting me to go back and not forward to find a Walmart. Finally Google instructed me to get off 74 and head to Walmart. Of course, it took me down all sorts of po-dunk two lane roads where there was no room for cars to pass me. On their way home from work I am sure they had choice words for me. AT LAST … Walmart.

Oh my, the area had a regulation against overnight parking. I was close to 36 so I headed east in to Hendricks County, Indiana, the birthplace of my two dear children. (See Mike, I do know where you were born. Spoon!!)

Just a short way down the road in Avon, Indiana, was a Lowe’s. Thank you Christine for telling me that Lowe’s and Home Depot often allowed overnight parking. The manager was so sweet and told me which area of the parking lot in which to park. At last………

This is not the actual store. I forgot to take a picture.

It was so stinking hot!! I sweated my way through both sides of two pillow cases. Eddie, feeling relief that we were stopped, wanted only to snuggle. Sweaty and hairy.

You get the picture!!!!

5:45A and what do my sleepy ears hear???

Not the real truck.

YEP, a huge honking semi parked next to me warming up his engine right next to my bedroom window. I got up and fed the cats and decided to try to sleep a bit longer.

7A I start hearing some really weird noises. Next to the Lowe’s parking lot was a body shop, but I thought surely they couldn’t be THAT loud. So, I get up, get dressed, take my medication and grab a water bottle.

To my surprise my section of the parking lot was cordoned off and they were ripping up the asphalt to repave the parking lot.

Not the actual equipment, but you get the idea. Lots of men and machines.

I bet they were a tad surprised to see this sweaty old gal come out of the trailer. As I neared my driver’s side door a truck pulled up and pointed out the direction for my exit. I tried not to run over men that didn’t see or hear me coming. I get to the exit only to find cones blocking my way. The same truck appeared and the man got out and moved the cones and then came over and said have a nice day and a safe trip. I would love to have heard their conversations.

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