It Ends Where It Began

Coralville Dam in Coralville, Iowa at the Army Corps of Engineers facility

This a view of Hank and Henrietta from the Visitors’ Center taken April 2018 on the day I checked in for volunteering.

This is Hank and Henrietta waiting patiently as I turn in my shirts and keys on September 4th.

This is Henrietta in April on our contractor pad site at Linder Point.

Hank and Henrietta in September ready to leave for the trek East.

This will be Bear’s first ride in Henrietta. Eddie hid as soon as I started packing and pulled in the slide. Bear didn’t know what was coming a followed me all around very curious about what was happening.

I am ready for the next adventure. I enjoyed my time in Iowa and will miss my new friends, but it is time to move on. I have decided that four months in one place is toooo long for this wandering girl.

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