I miss my Akron, Houston, Red Rock, and Strawn friends.

Barb Collier, Pam Perdue, Kim Morckel, Bev Vaughn and I were a quilting group in Akron. The first year we made a different quilt block each month while we chatted. I chose to use fabric that represented the month of the block. This was about three years ago.

This is the group at Barb’s house August 2017.

I split these block in to three lap quilts. I gave one to Rachel, Michael and Gretchen. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of each one when they were done. I used different fabrics for the blocks on each of the quilts.

Gretchen received her quilt last Thursday. I do not quilt as fast as Barb (or as neatly) but I finally finished the quilt. Gretchen was kind enough to pose with the quilt and send me the picture.

Molly photo bombed in the bottom right corner. You can see the January, April, May and June blocks.

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