Eight Days of Hope

XIV February 10th to 17th  and XV February 17th to 24th in Houston, Texas

This is a fabulous organization that is helping to rebuild the areas flooded by Harvey. 4B is one of the local organizations working with 8DOH.

Mike, Chirs and Pastor Butch (Shari wasn't here when I took the picture.)

There have been soooo many people from Clear Creek Community Church. I ask them all if they know Nate and Rachel. I am soooo proud of all the positive comments about my kids!

As of Friday evening we had at least 3004 volunteers. They came from 47 states and 4 countries. We hope to help at least 720 homes.

I have been blessed by working at the check in desk. I start at 6A and work until 8P. Of course, this is the perfect job for me as I LOVE to talk.

These are some of the lovely gals that have had to put up with me.

Diane, Margaret and Kay

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