Escape Artist or Cattle Drive

Wednesday, March 7th

Well, Missy and Gomer did not come in to eat at 8A. I checked several times for late arrival and then got preoccupied sweeping and cleaning rust off of tools.

At 4P Missy and Gomer were no shows. So, with phone in pocket and a can of cattle cubes I set out to discover their whereabouts.

The first adventure in the pasture was the horse and donkeys seeing the can of cubes and deciding to follow me. What would that be? 1000 to 1500 pounds stalking me. I hid the can under my shirt. Fanny just quietly snuck up behind me and yanked at my shirt. I felt blessed that Stanley, huge boy cow, had not discovered me. There lay Gomer near the back fence. He was watching me, but didn't move. Perhaps I should say now that his horns stick straight out the side of his head. I never really noticed their size when feeding him cubes by hand.

Okay, back to the search, one cow found. Looking over the fence in to the creek bed I spy Missy. She seems happy to see me. I crawl through the barb wire fence. Have I mentioned my lack of coordination? Safely on the other side I entice her to follow me along the fence in search of a gate. Gomer has joined us on his side of the fence. I found no gate and no gap where she could have possibly fit. After some pondering on how to get us both on the right side of the fence I called Gary's friend Chuck.

My search had turned in to a search and rescue.

My knight in shining iron galloping up on a white steed arrived followed by four dogs. I need a picture of Chuck. He has snow white hair. (close enough) He too walked the fence and found no easy place to get back in. He is so kind and patient and very good at explaining things. Our plan was to loosen the fence wires and entice this massive cow to go through the wire. Yeah right…. Are you hilariously laughing!!!

Camel Passing Through Eye of Needle Parable | Jesus ...

Chuck left to get more food and fence repair tools. Chauncey and the other dogs decided to stay and protect me. Luckily Gomer was bored and lay back down just giggling away at my efforts to entice his mamma through the fence. Chuck returns with feed and tools to help loosen and then retie the fence to the posts.

Okay, get ready. I have the can of feed offering Missy cubes while backing through the barbed wire fence Chuck is holding open as wide as he can. My butt backing through was I am sure a sight he will never forget.

Missy stops at the fence, horns and nose through and pauses. I back up a tiny bit and feed. Finally Chuck says, "Get out of the way!" Missy burst through the fence. Gomer was right there watching everything very closely. Now Chuck and I get to putting the fence back together when the dogs decide to agitate Gomer. He was hopping (literally) around knocking in to Missy and generally causing a scene. Chuck is loudly encouraging the dogs to stop and me to get out of the way.

Everyone settles, but the cows are not going to allow Chuck to work on the fence. So, off I go enticing Missy and Gomer to follow me by feeding them cubes. NEVER turn your back on Stanley or Gomer!! Luckily, Stanley is nowhere to be seen. I am trying to walk sideways – backwards. I figure soon enough they will head to the feeding area or stop and graize. NO! Out of feed I try to get to the end of the field to the path to the feed area. (What is the real name for that area?)

Gomer what to try and encourage me to give him more cubes. A little head nudge. I held my breath and tried to get behind or beside him, but he wanted to rustle me back to the food area.

I now know how it feels to be herded!!!!

I am so blessed for Chuck's help!!!

We all made it back to the right place and Missy and Gomer were ready for dinner. Stanley joined us. I decided I had had enough of evading horns and gently tossed the feed cubes over the fence.

Chuck leaves and everything settles back down to normal. Just another day as a rough and tumble farmer.

Farmer Cartoon -


She doesn't look sneaky or like she could fit through small spaces.


He sure doesn't look menacing here.


They are trying to look so innocent.

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  1. They amaze me how quickly they find an escape route. The last time here the power source for the fence wenr out and the two year old realized he can squeeze under and not get shocked. Ughhh. Hope they start behaving for you.

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