Day 9 of Farm Life

On Day 1 I told you all about the morning routine.  At noon I feed Angel, the cat, a bit more canned food. The rest of the time between eight and four I do handy work around the farm. It is very interesting and Gary and Diana are very good about not over burdening me with work. I have cleaned up sprouting trees, scraped walls, cleaned up all the crud from the scraped walls, raked leaves (yeah, in January), cleaned up a burn pile (sorting for metal and using the rest to fill a large, gaping hole in a small garden area) and more. Oh, and scooping manure while the cows, donkeys and horse are  not carefully watching me.

Donkey Manure
Cow Manure

Horse Manure

Just in case you wondered about the difference in manure appearance.

4 p.m.

It is amazing how animals know what time it is.

I feed the four dogs. They get dry food with a protein additive ( eggs or bacon grease). Hot water is added to make a sort of gravy. The dogs sit in the sunroom right by the door to the family room where I am preparing dinner in a huge metal bowl. Several times I have been startled by what sounded like someone knocking at the door. I have discovered that it is either Ginger pawing at the door or Buster's excited tail banging at the door.

The dogs each have a dish. As we crowd out of the sunroom and on to the patio Ginger is gently, but forcefully directing me to her bowl first. As I go to her bowl the other three dogs go sit by their bowls and somewhat patiently await their delicious dinner being served by a master chef.

The cats are fed. Charlotte would eat everyone's food if she could.

On to the chickens. I throw the scratch and watch them run over each other to eat. While they eat I collect the eggs. Because of the variety of chickens on the farm the eggs can be white, turquoise, green, tan, light brown, dark brown or any mixture of those. I am so fascinated by the color variety. The yolk of the fresh eggs is so close to color in orange, and of course they are so very flavorful!! The chickens lay eggs in the weirdest places. I look in about seven places inside and outside of the chicken yard for eggs. I also survey the ground as sometimes one of the hens lays one in the yard.

Not my hand or eggs, but a good example.

Besides all the colors and the weird laying places I had no idea that more than one hen can lay an egg in a nest. I thought they were very proprietary about nests. Another cool thing is the temperature of the eggs. They range from various degrees of cold to hot out of the oven.

They other day a hen was in a nest when I went in the feed room to get the scratch. When I went back in the room their was a warm egg!

Everyday as I collect the eggs I say a general thank you to the hens. The variety of eggs and chickens is such a God thing.

When I was in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a farm we kept the eggs in a dish in the kitchen and not in the fridge. When the kids and I were in Italy the eggs were not in the refrigerated section. We looked all over for them and I am sure the clerk had a good laugh where showing us to the aisle with eggs on the shelf.

I am sure that there are places near everyone where fresh farm eggs can be purchased. Try 'em. They are usually cheaper than the cage free or organic at the store!

The big animals are the same routine as in the morning.

Then it is in to the house for some internet time and put away the eggs.

I hope you are having an egg-cellent day!


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