Strawn, Texas

I arrived safely and am all set up in a courtyard like area. Gary and Diana, hosts, seem like very interesting people and the history of the farm is going to be amazing to learn and share.



Here I am. It may have been a parking lot at one time. Behind the trailer you see a portion of the old 5 room motel. There is even a HUGE fire pit!!!



This is a pic taken from the doorway of the trailer.  (I should refer to her by name, not the generic noun of trailer. Henrietta.) The little branches at the bottom of the picture are the top of the heap of the burn pile. You see the private gate behind my truck. (Oops, I mean you can see the gate behind Hank.) My own private Gated Community. Community members are Marti, BB, Eddie, Hank, Henrietta, and although not visible to the naked eye in the picture is Hannah. Oh, I almost forgot. Peacocks have a nest in the two trees to the left in the picture, so they are community members as well. To the left of Hank you see the bottom floor back corner of Zim's Market & Cafe. To his right you see the remnants of an old bottling plant for soda. No such luck that it was a brewery or winery bottling plant.

I stayed in Strawn at Zfarmski until Novemebr 20th. The time flew by. In Strawn I officially became a Texan with a Texas driver's license and Texas plates on Hank. This was bittersweet. It was interpreted by many friends as the final step in my going away. It was awesome to me because now I pay no state tax! Yee Haw!! The bittersweet part was also that Henrietta was unable to join us as an official Texan. She was a bit perturbed and she seemed to sway or wobble more when I walked around inside of her than before Hank and I became Texans.

3 thoughts on “Strawn, Texas

  1. We sure do miss you. Went to Farmer’s Marker today and got more pickles. We also got carmel apples, drawing sauve, cheese, and dip mix. This was aftee having to come home without getting errands done because Joey was too wild. Have fun and I will keep checking for your next adventures.

  2. Loving the updates and praising God that you made it safely. I can only imagine how excited you must be and challenged by the unknown. Blessings friend.

  3. So glad you’re having these adventures! I love your commentary, informative and humorous 😉 Looking forward to following you and sharing your travels with the kids.

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