Pinson Mounds Park and Cotton in Jackson, TN

This is a beautiful park. It was perfect weather. Some pictures to tell of my visit.

The museum was under or inside a mound. I thought the sign was hilarious.
This canoe was on display in the museum. My first thought was of the time, skill and effort it took to make it. How long did it take? My next thought was, "It is so narrow that my butt would hang over the sides."
These steps lead up Saul's mound where you can see for miles.  There are benches on the landings for out of shape old women with arthritic knees. (Well, I am sure they allow other people to sit on them too.) I wonder what the landscape looked like when the mounds were built.
This is an image looking off in one direction. Looks like snow in the distance.
Closer look as I exited the park. I know TN is in the south, but I never expected to see cotton fields.
I cannot imagine picking cotton.
This field was down the road and had already been harvested. I would like to have seen that, but the biggest thrill was seeing what is in the next picture.
Bales of harvested cotton. After seeing the fields I began noticing all the pieces of cotton along the sides of the roads. I should have picked it all up and made myself a sweater.

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  1. Ah, Marti, I laughed really hard at the first two pictures and your captions. Out loud. Hardest I’ve laughed today! We are following you! Thanks for the pics and updates.

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