I learned by lesson from the drive to Jackson and downloaded several audio books from the library on OverDrive before starting out yesterday. If you have never used this I suggest you check it out. I put the books on my phone. I think the drive went by much faster. You can get ebooks as well. I thought it best to listen and not read as I drove.

The park in Texarkana is a Good Sam member, so I was thinking it would be better than the Jackson site. Oops, it is all gravel! The bathhouse is awesome. No fire ring and the pool is gross. It was in the 80s yesterday and today and I would love to have been able to rub it in that I was swimming.

No cooking out tonight. This delightful fire is from the backyard on Jackson Blvd in Uniontown. Tom can testify to my powerful fire starting skills.

I wasn't in the sightseeing mood today, so I ran in to town to Walmart, Goodwill and the post office. Funny post office story. The line for the Texas/Arkansas border runs right through the Post Office/Courthouse building. So, I asked the sweet clerk as to the state postmark that would be on the package, Texas or Arkansas. She laughed, you will too. The postmark will be Shreveport, Louisiana. That is where all the city's mail goes to be distributed. Check out the postmark if you get a note from me.

The other hilarious post office story is that I used the map app on my phone for directions and as I neared my destination the poor lady was going crazy…now you are in TX, now you are in AR, now you are in TX, etc. I wanted to keep driving the roundabout around the post office just to hear the poor voice go on and on.

I wonder if people already knew that I never know where I am or if I am coming or going? How odd to have a split city. Does that make it schizophrenic?

2 thoughts on “10-19-17

  1. That is crazy that it is split. I have watched some discovery shows about places on borders they should check this one out. Lol.

  2. Love this! We were coming back from Canada today and David stopped on the line so the kids had their feet in the U.S. and their butts were in Canada. They thought it was hilarious! Happy traveling friend!

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