I am in Jackson, TN, this morning. I had to turn the furnace on for a few minutes to take the chill off.

I am feeling at home in the trailer. I was concerned that after ALL the space and action at Abby's that it would be an adjustment to be small and quiet. It wasn't. I do miss being a part of the "gaming" action and hugs at Abby's.

General Butler Park in KY was beautiful. The drive, 6 hours with potty and gas breaks, to Jackson seemed really long. BB was pretty unhappy until I stopped and got a box out of the trailer to put on the front seat and put the special pillow her cousin Abby gave her on top of the box. She was happy with her "elevated" seat and status and quieted down. It is amazing to me how long she can voice her opinion without going hoarse. Eddie came out from under the seat to look around a bit. That is a 1st.

I am truly truly grateful for hands free phone service. Barb and Rachel kept me company for a bit on the last leg. Rachel shared about a speaker at her staff lunch meeting at CCCC. The speaker had some great insights. I am sure Rachel would be happy to share them with you.

Back to how beautiful the camp ground was… I am currently staying at a place where RVs are temporary stop overs. Notice that I said stop overs, not campers. I couldn't tell that by the advertisement, but I am in a small parking lot with lanes that have access for each RV to electric, water and sewer. No sitting outside or campfire last night. Lesson learned.

I am going exploring today. There are a lot of Civil War sites nearby. The Civil War sites made me think of Pastor Craig and his obsession with baseball and the Civil War. Casey Jones' house and a small village are here. Trains made me think of Amy's sweet husband and his obsession with trains.

I am working on an efficient way to get pics off my phone and camera on my computer to post pictures. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

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