Spring 2016 – RV Hunt

The Internet is a fabulous research tool. You do have to take some of the information with a grain of salt. Do you have any idea how many types of RVs there are? Well, I didn’t, but learned there are classes of motor homes, fifth wheel trails, and travel trailers. After some more research and thinking I decided on a small travel trailer, maybe 19 to 20′. I loved the idea of the Murphy Bed. I could never again make my bed and no one would be the wiser, please, don’t tell my children that I don’t make my bed.

Off to RV lots. Oh my, first of all let me just say that it is VERY annoying to be treated as a less than serious buyer since I was on old woman with no man. The search went on for many months and the ideas of what I wanted and could afford changed about a zillion times.

I must say that some of the best advice I received from RV blogs was to look, look, look, and still look before buying.

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