Hi, I am not a patient waiter. Heck I am not patient about anything. I didn’t have to wait long to sell my primary residence in Ellet.

I moved on March 25th to Friendship Acres in Atwater, Ohio, thinking I would stay there until school was out and I would be on the move. The truck on the left belongs to my neighbor Jacob. This is a great spot!


BUT! I ended up on June 8th moving to Uniontown, Ohio, and living in the driveway of my rental property until it sold. Notice the great job backing in next to the dumpster. My neighbor, Tom, was instrumental in helping me back in with confidence.


It did sell quickly. BUT! I had a misunderstanding with a HUGE tree previously and parts weren’t in for the trailer repairs when I vacated the driveway on August 7th.

So, on August 7th I moved in with my lovely niece and her family in Thornville, Ohio. This is a view off the second story balcony. They have a beautiful property.

The cats and I resided in the Exercise Room. I am trying out my newest form of exercise in my new EVO portable hammock. Thank you Nate and Rachel for suggesting this brand of hammock.

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