Visitor Center

These are views from the Visitor Center.

These are inside the Visitor Center. The VC has a short movie about the building of the dam and the effects of the two floods in uncovering the Denovian Fossil Field. The fossil field is a big attraction.

My desk is above left. Above right is the view from the door. The theater is through the door in the back. There are a lot of stuffed animals! There is a touching table with pelts and bones, and a touching table of fossils taken from the gorge and other Iowa quarries. To the left is a picture of my friend Ranger Pat.

This is a video of the spillway during the 1993 flood on You Tube from an individual. I can’t locate the Corps video shown in the VC. Perhaps it is a government secret!!

Fossil Field videos on You Tube.                               

These are pictures of fossils in the VC.

These are two examples of crinoids from the Devonian era.

Crinoids are marine animals. The name comes from the Greek word krinon, “a lily”, and eidos, “form”. They live in both shallow water and in depths as great as 30,000 feet. Those crinoids which in their adult form are attached to the sea bottom by a stalk are commonly called sea lilies. The unstalked forms are called feather stars or comatulids. (Wikipedia)

In the center (of the picture on the left) is the dorsal plate of a Dunkleoteus. Dunkleosteus is a fish that existed during the Late Devonian period, about 358–382 million years ago. The name Dunkleosteus combines the Greek osteus, meaning “bone”, and Dunkle, in honor of David Dunkle of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This fossil is from one that was probably 5 feet in length. They got as big as school buses and could dislocate their jaws to eat things larger than themselves.

The picture on the right is a recreation of the Dunkleosteus with a diorama in the back. This picture is courtesy of the Vienna Museum of Natural History.

Below are pictures from the beach. These were taken in May. Nice clean beach!!

The beach setup is me. My dear friends Sharon and Mark gave me this beach roll years ago on one on my visit with them in North Carolina. It is awesome!

The other two are distant and far views of the dam gate. It is in this building that the flow to the Iowa River is monitored.

I really enjoyed my time here. I wish the Visitor Center had been busier, but I met some VERY interesting people. It is nice to volunteer 20 hours a week and receive a full hook-up site in exchange. Free electricity made it much easier to run the AC during the unseasonably HOT days.

USACE Volunteering

Coralville Dam May 1, 2018 to September 4, 2018

Here I am at the desk in the Visitors’ Center. This picture was taken in August. It took me that long to remember to have someone take my picture.

The Visitor Center and The Depot Express both had a polo shirt as the required shirt for work. Not my favorite type of shirt and not a cool one to wear for a gal that sweats a lot!!

On the left is April and the right is the site all decked out in August. Notice the difference in the trees. Once it got hot I was in the shade almost all day. The other contractors and volunteers had WOW sites, so I had to do something!

This is the view from the Visitor Center when I first checked in with the USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers.)