Red Rock

My,  I would be a rich woman if I had a dime for every person in Texas that I told I was going to Red Rock. The first response was, “Oh, Colorado.”

I would say, “Nope.”

“Oh, then you mean Round Rock near Austin.”

“Nope. Red Rock is a tiny town SE of Austin.” 

“Never heard of it,” they would say.

Well, I now know why they never heard of it. It is truly in the boonies. I have no cell service. If I drive about a mile up the road I get service. No cell service is the boonies to me. Luckily, I have access to the Internet.

I arrived on January 2nd at Esperanza Farm. Hermes and Shannon are my hosts. It is an aquaponics farm. Their daughter Evelyn is 3 and a half. Residing at the farm are also 4 French bulldogs, 2 pit bulls, 3 dwarf Nigerian goats and thousands of tilapia. The French bulldogs are Lucy (mom), (children from one litter) Luna and Jellybean (boy), and Ichi. Ichi is the number 1 in Japanese. She was the only puppy in the litter. Is it still a litter if there is only one? The pit bulls are much older, Ben and Libby. They fluctuate living between this farm and the house next door. The goats are Wobbles, Fiona and Midnight (only male). The fish do not have names, as a matter of fact, they all look the same to me. They are the closest things to a school that I have been since the end of May.


November 20, 2017 to 1-2-2018

I arrived in Pearland, Texas, on November 20th. It was a long drive from Strawn, but good farm roads and little traffic. BB did not shut up most of the way. It was exhausting to listen to her cry and whine. I called and talked to several people to help pass the time while driving. Blue tooth is wonderful. Hank is the first vehicle to offer such a service. He is a good provider!! Anyway, everyone commented on how noisy and relentless BB was. I swear she got even louder when I was on the phone as if she was pleading with someone to please rescue her.

Pearland is south of Houston and west of where Rachel and Nate live in League City. I had a very difficult time finding an rv park or campground with available space that wasn’t an astronomical price. It appears that many of the victims of Hurricane Harvey were living in rvs and many of the people that came to help the community were in rvs.

Harvey’s visit was still very evident in the area. There were houses with huge piles of debris still piled along the street in front of them. It was sad to see the height of the water in some of the homes. I had no idea the severity of the impact of being flooded. Most of the houses were torn back to the wall studs with some having to have studs replaced. The homes needed new plumbing, new electrical wiring as well as walls and floors. The black mold appeared quickly and was very hazardous to people doing demo work. I heard so many stories of the community coming together and amazing things happening. It all brought tears to my eyes many times during my visit. Many people are still not back in their homes or living on the second floor of their homes.

The evening before Thanksgiving Rachel and Nate had a little surprise happy retirement, you are a Texan get together.

My time in Houston was filled with game playing, lots of eating, and time with friends.

Henrietta was hoping to become an official Texan, but the process was more than I could handle in the big city. It made me appreciate the small town of Eastland where Hank and I became official. Small town with no waiting in lines.

Add about zoo and museums.*****

Fort Worth

I only went in to Fort Worth once during my time in Strawn. I enjoyed the country life and driving in Fort Worth made me appreciate country driving even more.

While waiting for the museum to open I went to Righteous for breakfast. It is a short walk from the Kimbell museum.

The Kimbell Museum was really nice. This is my favorite picture. It reminds me of my favorite artist. (Name slipped my mind – senior moment.)

Very few of the museums in Fort Worth were free admittance. I like FREE!

Then off to The Stockyard where I got to witness an honest to goodness cattle drive.